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Charter Management

Chartering out your jet when you are not using it, is a proven way of defraying costs and operational expenditure.

Clearly, your aircraft is not earning you any money sitting in a hangar.

That’s why charter is a popular option for many business aircraft owners – and, in fact, industry experts estimate that 80% percent of the business aircraft available for charter in the U.S.A., for example, are not owned by the companies that operate them.

They are owned by other companies, corporations or private individuals.

Elаn Air Charter provides a comprehensive range of options to aircraft owners who decide to offset some of their financial costs, by placing their aircraft on commercial charters.

We offer a proven combination of experience and global marketing services, to provide aircraft owners with a solid charter opportunity.

This includes accessing industry platforms that allow us to rapidly accelerate the marketing of an aircraft to the thousands of charter agents around the world.

These key people are continually looking for a well-suited aircraft for their charter customers. Our systems will instantly trigger the availability of our available aircraft and make the booking procedure quick and easy.

With Elаn Air Charter аѕ уоur partner, you will еnjоу the ultimate in expert charter mаnаgеmеnt. Our experience will not only help to increase your revenue from chartering, but will also protect the significant capital investment in your private charter plane.

Enquire now for further details on how your aircraft could generate extra revenue for you.