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Ways to Save on Private Jet Travel

It is a normal misconception that only wealthy people can afford a private charter plane. If you have always wanted to charter a jet, but did not have the available resources, consider some of the effective ways that you can save money on a private jet service and make it more affordable. With a little bit of planning, preparation and research, there are a few ways to lower the cost of private air charters.

Travel with a group

If you will be travelling with the whole family, colleagues, or friends, it is good to consider how much it would cost if you will buy your own separate plane tickets versus embarking on a private air charter. Depending on the number of people you are travelling with, your destination, and the type of plane you would want to charter, you will sometimes find that the costs are not that much higher in price when you split the charter rental fees. This especially applies if you are planning on flying first class on a commercial flight. Before you book your next group trip, it is worth your time to compare price differences first.


Take advantage of empty leg flights

Empty leg flights are a one-way private air charter where no one is booked on-board on one for the aircraft journey legs. It usually occurs on a return flight, where the one-way portion flies empty to get back to home base or to pick up its next passenger.

Empty leg flights give you the chance to save money on the cost of a private jet service by booking a seat on a one-way charter. Even if it does not exactly match your itinerary, it is still a viable option to try.

Downsize your aircraft

Choosing the right size of aircraft can make a big difference in pricing. Choose the aircraft size that will accommodate the number of passengers and/or luggage you need to take, without giving yourself excess. One of the advantages of private air charter is being able to choose the best aircraft for each trip requirements, and no matter which aircraft you choose, you still get the same time-saving and flexibility benefits on the ground.

Reduce positioning costs    

Your private air charter budget can also go lower by departing from airports where the aircraft are already located which means that you will pay less positioning costs.

Private air charter might sound intimidating at first, especially if you are not a seasoned luxury traveler.

Do not let the fear of cost scare you away from booking a private air charter and experiencing its remarkable benefits!

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