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What to Expect When Flying with Private Air Charter

With the increasing number of first-time flyers in a private air charter in Dubai, it’s important for travelers to know what to expect on this flight. Below are some of the information clearing up what to expect so that your trip goes smoothly.

Flying privately can be refreshingly different from your usual flight experience

One of the biggest difference between flying privately and flying commercially is the amount of time you have to spend on the ground before your take-off. With mainline flights, you are likely to spend two hours or more on your flight, while in private jet flight the aircraft is ready to take-off upon your arrival — you hardly spend any time on the ground at all.

1. Your flight revolves entirely around your schedule

Another major difference between private and commercial flights is on who is in control of the flight schedule. Mainly, private charter flights give you the full control of your schedule. If time change before or during your flight, your air charter service provider can handle it seamlessly. This includes custom time and flights, refueling, and any other arrangements.

 2. You get to enjoy the people you’re traveling with

One of the best advantages of flying on private charter flights is that you get to choose the people you’re traveling with. Since you charter the entire aircraft, you take control of who is traveling on the plane with you. This gives you the privacy and confidentiality you need especially during business discussions.

3. Enjoy in-flight entertainment and other amenities

Private charter services offer a wide variety of in-flight entertainment and amenities such as WiFi, entertainment systems, power outlets, satellite TV, and sleep-in chairs.

A319 by Elan Air Charter offers the said amenities. Some of its additional amenities include satellite phone, a shower, a private office, a bedroom with a king size bed. If you wish to charter A319, feel free to contact us. Our team of aviation experts is always ready to assist you with all your charter requirements.

4. Onboard catering

Another major difference over commercial airlines is the onboard catering. For an early morning flight, if you want a continental breakfast or a heavy one, that can be arranged for you. For larger jets, hot food galleys can even be available as per the request of the customer.

At Elan Air Charter, we provide the most comfortable, flexible, luxurious and confidential aviation solutions possible. We have a team of aviation professionals with extensive business travel experiences in the aviation industry.