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What is an empty leg flight?

In the last decades, the industry of private jet plane had undergone many changes. One of the biggest changes happened is the prevalence of an empty leg flight. An industry that was once dominated by round trips has now embraced the concept of capitalizing empty return legs where travelers can enjoy the comfort of flying privately for a fraction of a regular charter flight prices.

However, a lot of people are not familiar with this concept and how they can take full advantage of the convenience (and cost savings) that private jet empty leg flights offer. Read below to help you better understand empty leg charter.

What is an empty leg flight?

In the private aviation industry, an empty leg flight means an empty plane from a one-way booked flight. After dropping off their client at their destination, the aircraft needs to fly back, without any passenger on board to its original location or home base, or possibly to another destination for its flight.

When an operator needs to fly the jet back without a scheduled flight, they sell empty leg flights at a reduced fare.

How to take advantage of empty leg flights?

If you’re the type of traveler that has a flexible flying schedule and is willing to fly within a short notice, an empty leg flight is a great deal for you. Booking an empty leg charter is a very cost-effective way of enjoying a private flight without having to pay the usual price. Here are two ways to use these routes to your advantage.

  • Stay alert

Sign-up or register on empty leg charter flights alerts. This way, you can always have the latest empty leg charter update from air charter services directly to your email. Also, you can opt-in to receive alerts when certain routes, cities, or best deals become available.

  • Flexibility is key

Travelers who are smart and flexible with their travel can fully benefit from an empty leg flight. It is important to understand, however, that booking an empty leg flight also means, you’re at the mercy of the original flight. If the first flight gets canceled or delayed, you may need to make different travel arrangement.

The key is to plan ahead, include few alternative routes and options, and always be ready for both minor and major travel adjustments.

Elan Air Charter is committed to providing customized aviation services. If you need expert’s advice in handling all your travel requirements, contact Elan Air today and talk to one of their aviation experts.