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Choosing a Charter Aircraft for Your Next Flight

 After you have decided to charter a private jet plane for your next journey, the next step is to choose a charter aircraft that can meet all your needs, at its best value. How would you go about it? Here’s a quick checklist of the many variables you need to determine and consider when choosing an aircraft.

Trip parameters that you have to determine

Number of passengers
The number of people you’re traveling with can determine the size of the jet charter you’re more likely to choose. Other variables that you may need to consider; headspace required for tall passengers, layout style preferences, and a special request for extra space. These are all important factors to help identify what type of charter you’re getting — average, midsize or heavy.

Your travel destination is another important factor to consider as it determines runway length and areas. Small airport with a short runway may require aircraft that are more flexible for takeoffs. Let your operators know your destination to identify the best choice of aircraft.

In addition to the travel destination, it’s also important to know the distance of your trip. This will help determine the type of aircraft required.

Simply put, the more baggage you bring, the bigger aircraft you need. If you’re traveling with heavier equipment like sports gear, flying on a heavy jet can be the best option.

Amenities and other special needs
Comfort preferences, food choices and other special requests will all help determine which charter service provider can meet your charter needs. Whether small or big, list down all your charter requirements and concerns so that the operator can provide you the best option for charter plane.

Standard to consider when you charter a private jet plane

Safety standard
Does your provider operate with safety standards and other extra measures? Make it perfectly clear that security is at the top of your priority and highly important for every passenger.

Comfort and convenience
Aside from flexible travel schedule, choose a private jet plane that can accommodate your needs and request. These might include reduced waiting hours, preferably no long security lines.

In case of an unforeseen change all private charter companies and operators are flexible. Should you need to cancel your trip, or a sudden change of venue demand a change in schedule, a quick rearrangement should not be a problem.

Good value
At the end you are the judge of the value received. If all the expectations; the aircraft, its amenities, the service were met you received good value for money.

With so many choices of air travel today, how would to choose the best provider. Elan Air Charter makes a perfect choice in handling all your travel requirements. With its extensive experience and the tight partnership with leading industry suppliers, you surely get what you need and what you deserve.