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Chartering an Airbus A319 – a VIP Airliner

Forbes.com describes VIP airliners as “flying palaces” – and it is a very apt description. Used by royalties, heads of states, celebrities, sports personalities, and business executives; these aircrafts have world-class amenities and a full crew to serve the needs of passengers.

One example of a VIP liner that passengers can book for flights is the Airbus A319. This aircraft is basically a modified version of the popular Airbus A320, and was first launched in the market in the mid-1990s. If you would like to book a flight with this aircraft, as a dedicated aircraft charter brokerage company, we at Elan Air Charter can help you out. We provide private jet charter Dubai services and the Airbus A319 is part of our VIP airliner fleet.

Here is a quick look at the features of the Airbus A319, a VIP airliner:

  • It can carry up to 19 passengers with two captains, one engineer, and two cabin crew on board.
  • It has a private office; a bedroom with a king-sized bed and a shower; and a satellite phone is available for use.
  • Its range of flight is 5,200 nautical miles equating to 9 hours and 30 minutes.

The Airbus A319 and other VIP airliners typically have a cabin height of over 6 feet and six inches, while the length of the cabin is anywhere from 65 to 100 feet.

As a passenger, why would you want to take advantage of such a service provided by private aviation companies? Luxury would be one reason, space, on-board facilities would be others, which is why the Airbus A319 is considered a VIP airliner. There is more than enough legroom and if you are flying business executives, for example, they can easily conduct their work thousands of feet up in the air. The plane offers conference style as well as allowing private meeting opportunities.

The conveniences mentioned above are paired with facts such as no customs queue, quick immigration, fast check in and luggage drop. The options of airports accommodating private flights is much greater that for commercial aircrafts, which makes business or leisure travel to remoter destinations much more appealing.

If you would like to charter an Airbus A319 which is a VIP airliner, simply get in touch with us. We provide customized aviation services and offer the finest levels of luxury in private flights along with utmost convenience and 24/7 service. Aside from VIP airliners, our charter fleet coconsists of heavy jets, a super midsize jet, and a midsize jet.