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Benefits of Long Range Charter Airplanes

 The world seems to be within reach when you fly in a long-range private jet. Modern long-range private jet services can cover long itineraries, without having to refuel, thus reducing travel times. You can charter a private jet for almost all conceivable destinations, many of which are not covered by commercial airlines.  The long-range aircraft category is the ideal choice when you have a large group of 10 to 19 passengers, or need to take a long-haul private flight, such as travel between continents.

The average specifications of long-range jets are impressive. Most have a range of between 5,000 and 6,000 nautical miles, with some having the capability of traveling even further. Private jet companies say that this category of aircraft is the fastest in the civil aviation industry, with an average cruising speed of 500 knots against some of the strongest winds. The service ceiling of these aircraft usually exceeds 50,000 ft and flying as such high altitudes give this class of jet the advantage of utilizing a less busy flight level, and the opportunity to avoid turbulence zones that other jets cannot.

As expected, these cutting-edge aircraft also feature state-of-the-art, most advanced features, navigations and safety technology. Due to the high-performance specifications of this aircraft category, there are various governments and military operators of these aircraft worldwide, including the United States Air Force, Army and Navy (in this case, the Gulfstream G550)

When called into private jet service, long-range aircraft naturally feature top-notch interiors and provide the highest level of comfort and convenience available to private air charter consumers. This is highly significant since passengers usually spend many hours onboard the plane. Moreover, long-range jet aircraft also provide a wide variety of multi-media and entertainment options every passenger would expect.


Long-range private jet charters have developed the way people travel. That is why they are an ideal option for anyone who needs to travel long distances quickly and safely. When you charter a private jet, you will surely the type of jet that fits y our travel preferences, needs and budget. That is when Elan Air Charter can help. They are equipped with extensive experience in the aviation industry. To learn more about their charter rates and consulting services, speak with one of their consultants today. Simply call +971 4232 3711 or fill out their contact form on their website at www.elanaircharter.com