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Advantages of Flying on a Private Jet Shorter Runways

For many travellers, going in and out of big international airports can be one of the most daunting aspects of any journey. You do not just have to deal with ground transportation, parking and traffic, you also have to bear with the long queues at the airline terminals, security gate and wait for the aircraft boarding.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this stress: hire a private charter plane, which can land into smaller, more peaceful airports.  The following are some reasons why aviation companies in UAE recommend private charter plane for shorter runways.

  • Greater discretion – Smaller runways are usually located away from the larger cities, which means that smaller airports guarantee greater discretion during arrival and departure. Though there are usually no separate terminals for business aviation travellers, this is not an issue since the number of travellers is generally much lower.
  • Less hassle on security checks – When you travel by a private plane charter, you won’t likely have to go through security checks. Usually, there is no pre-flight checks required at private airports, which means that you can board and arrive your plane without any hassle, though the ID of the pilot may be required.
  • No Delays – Another huge advantage of travelling into smaller runways is that delays almost non-existent. Departing in a private jet from bigger airports tends to add delays either on departure or arrival due to the volume of other traffic.

Elan Air Charter offers a range of advantages for both business travel and leisure, including time-efficiency, quicker check-ins, discretion and security, private terminal access, and a luxurious and complete privacy during a flight.

Elan Air Charter is one of the leading aviation companies in UAE. Their air charter management has been providing excellent air charter services to personal and business clients all over the UAE. They have a professional and devoted team that will ensure that your journey is utmost quality in luxury and comfort.

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